Antion Since 2013

In 2013, Antion was founded in Beijing. As a food regulation consulting agency serving the food industry, Antion takes advantage of abundant resources and professional technical capabilities to actively respond to clients’ demand. committed to providing clients in the global food industry with comprehensive and full process compliance management consulting services, including product compliance review, daily regulatory consultation, food related registration and application, etc. 

With the development of the industry and the expansion of the team, Antion established Weihai branch in 2018 and Singapore company in 2020, which can provide clients with richer and deeper food regulations consulting services.

Antion is committed to providing food industry information services, information-based management systems, daily regulatory consulting, food-related application &l registration and other services for global food production & operation enterprises, import and export traders, government agencies, scientific research institutes, and industry groups. The service scope covers major countries and regions including China (Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), Japan, South Korea, the United States, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Antion has an energetic and team-conscious service team. The members are all from food or related professions. They have certain legal and regulatory service capabilities and awareness, and have rich working experience in government departments and food company regulatory consulting services. An advisory team composed of dozens of experts from government agencies, regulatory departments, large food companies and other fields can provide clients with a full range of services in food safety, standards and regulations, information management, inspection and quarantine, government supervision, nutrition and health, etc.

Antion has extensive experience in client service and has served hundreds of domestic and overseas food companies such as Cargill, Coca-Cola, FrieslandCampina, Hershey's, Sunflower Pharmaceutical, Infinitus, Herbalife, Unilever, etc. Based on the concept of professionalism and focus, we will escort your food safety through timely, comprehensive, professional and standardized services.

Our Skills

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What We Offer?

Antion is committed to supply timely, professional service of food standards & regulations consulting for multinational & domestic food production enterprises, government authorities, research institutes and industry associations.

Our Services

According to client's special requirements, Antion can provide regulatory trainings, including but not limited to analysis of important standards & regulations, interpretation of designated standards & regulations, management of standards & regulations, future trends, etc.

Summarize data including commonly used limitation standards (such as GB 2760, GB 2762, GB 2763, GB 14880, etc.), novel food ingredient announcements, normal food ingredient announcements, and list of strains that can be used in food to form the online query database to achieve the goal of one-key query. The database effectively solves the problems of current standard data dispersion, cumbersome query, and easy omission. Related content can be increased according to clients’ requirements.

Based on the product basic information, Antion evaluates the gap between the materials and the application requirements, figures out the potential risks, and provides suggestion of the project.

Antion can provide guidance and technical support for the whole process of New Kind of Food Related Material Application, including regulation monitoring and interpretation, application material composing and review, test arrangement, authorities communication, etc.

Online Food Label Review System can realize multi-department online collaborative review, and through the functions of permission setting, basis management, version management, etc., minimize the risks that may occur in the review process.

Focusing on food-related information at home and abroad, including food regulations, government notice, negative news, latest alert, food safety incidents, latest issues, and other relevant information. The newsletter can be provided by weekly or monthly through multiple channels.

Antion can provide a full range of compliance management outsourcing service, including information monitoring, regulation database, product selection evaluation, product labels and communication material review, daily consultation, customer complaints response, etc.

Collect and sort the product packaging specified by the client to form digital information, and continuously monitor and update the data. The database can realize multi-dimensional search and specified product information comparison, effectively solving the problems of large number of competitive products, difficult information digitization, and inconvenient comparison analysis.