SUMMARY| The Requirement for Importing Honey

by 范皓菲 | Source CHINA CUSTOMS MAGAZINE | Jun 26,2019


In 2018, China imported about 3823.8 tons of honey, with a value of about 460 million yuan. The customs tariff code for imported honey is: 0409.0000, which refers to the honey produced by bees and other insects, and no sugar or any other substance. Does not include artificial honey and a mixture of natural honey and artificial honey. The current tax rate for imported bottled honey is: tariff 15%; no consumption tax; value added tax 11%.


The imported honey must come from countries or regions that are allowed by China. Imported honey enterprises need to have relevant qualifications, record and entry declaration, and are allowed to import after conformity assessment qualified.


Imported enterprise qualification

Imported enterprise needs to have import and export management rights, or they can entrust agents to import.

Product consignee obtains import food business license.


Put on record

Domestic consignee and importers or agents should put on record.

Importers or agents exporting food to China shall follow the requirement of the Provisions on the Recordation Administration of the Importer and Exporter of Imported Food and the Provisions Administration of Food Import and Sales Records., through the "the recordation system for importers and exporters of imported food and cosmetics" for the record. In addition, the imported honey products must come from the countries or regions that approved by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).


Entry declaration

The importer or agent shall submit relevant materials to the customs for review.

Materials required for entry declaration

Necessary documents such as contracts, invoices, packing lists, bills of lading;

The official quarantine certificate of the exporting country or region required by relevant provisions;

For the first time importing honey products, samples of the original label affixed with official seal, Chinese translation of the original label, samples of the Chinese label and corresponding certification materials shall be provided;

Import and export trader name, filing number, and import and sales records of the previous batch of food.

Note: Chinese labels should meet the National Food Safety Standard General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods (GB 7718-2011) and the National Food Safety Standard General Rules for Nutrition Labelling of Prepackaged Foods (GB 28050-2011).


Conformity assessment

Imported honey is subject to conformity assessment, and the products that have passed the assessment are issued by the Customs with the “Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine of Entry Goods”, which can be sold and used. If the safety, health and environmental protection items are unqualified, the products should be returned or destroyed; if the other items are unqualified, the “Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine of Entry Goods” shall be issued after the rectification is passed.