China Bans Canadian Canola Due to Fears of Pest Infestation

by 范皓菲 | Source ECNS | Mar 12,2019


Quarantine authorities say pests detected in grain. China has canceled a Canadian farming company's registration to ship canola to China after Chinese customs detected "dangerous pests" several times on imported Canada canola, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang said on Wednesday.


Two Chinese experts said that China's customs agency is being strict with canola imports to be responsible for the health of the Chinese people, and urged Canadian firms to "respect China's laws."


One Canadian company's canola seeds present "particularly serious" quarantine problems, Lu disclosed at a routine press conference, without mentioning the name of the company.


It is perfectly logical, reasonable and legal for Chinese customs to make the decision to halt (canola) imports according to laws, regulations and international conventions, Lu said.


Experts also said that if Canadian companies' canola shipments to China are hindered, it would bring great losses to Canada's canola farmers as China is the biggest buyer of Canadian canola. In 2018, China imported about 4.75 million tons of canola, compared with the 17 million tons of canola trade worldwide. Of the 4.75 million tons of canola, 93 percent was imported from Canada.